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Mohamed Zakariya Othman


Mohamed Zakariya Othman specialises in facilitating the financial literacy in the areas of accounting, finance as well as Islamic finance. With his vast working experience, backed with strong professional qualification, he combines both the theory and best practices in his training to provide a better understanding platform for his audience.

His financial literacy programmes, ranging from the basic or foundation level up to the highly technical ones, will normally continue with customised coaching to put whatever being trained into practices, according to the clients’ needs.

He strongly believes that financially literate business owners or executives, are more likely to be fully in control of their business. Gaining an understanding of what balance sheets and profit & loss statements mean provides a clear view of the financial state of the business and subsequently facilitates smarter business decisions.

His strong analytical and critical thinking skills, having had years of experience in a wide range of financial services from audit, investments, risk as well as credit and with proven track records of senior management leadership, have attracted the Saudi Government to appoint him as one of pioneer members in the setting up of the first domestic rating agency in Saudi Arabia