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Davidson Abishegam

Cross-Platform Training Specialist

Davidson is an author, a master trainer, coach, and consultant. Over the last 25 years, he has dedicated his life to understanding people at all levels in the workplace. He has worked with over 1,000 companies comprising start-ups, SMEs, MNCs, government agencies and others all-over South-East Asia.

Charismatic and witty, Dave has spent years perfecting his training modules to ensure easy understanding and practical learning takes place in his workshops. His key areas of guidance include essential business skills i.e., Communication Skills, Writing Skills, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills, Planning Skills and many more.

Throughout his career, his passion in helping people in the workplace to become better and effective, has significantly helped upskill thousands of employees towards greater career success.

Davidson’s own experience of his journey towards career success was the motivation for his book, 8 Vital Skills to Succeed at the Workplace, where he has condensed his knowledge, skills, and experience into a comprehensive guide to help employees shorten their learning curve and journey to career success.

An avid Liverpool fan with a great passion for music, Davidson lives in Kuala Lumpur with his family, 10 guitars and a piano.