Pre – Learning Programme Survey

Before you begin, please spare a few minutes to answer this short survey to give us a snapshot of your work task ability before you start learning this WORQEX programme.

Important Note:

1. For any question that requires you to put your answer as a number, please input a number between 0 – 100 where 0 is absolute NO (Eg: I cannot do the work task at all) and 100 is absolute YES (Eg: I am certain I can do the work task perfectly). Eg answer: 13

2. This Pre-Learning Survey would not be included for grading purposes.

3. Once you have completed the Pre-Learning Programme Survey, click on the “Click Here to Continue” button.

4. If you cannot proceed to the next topic, kindly go back to “Need help? We have got you covered!” and repeat Step 3 and Step 4.