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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

WORQEX is an online training programme that guides trainees to learn work-based tasks. Trainees will be onboarded as an executive, working on a project where established trainers teach and guide trainees to do various Mini Projects where it is conceptualised based on real-world work tasks. At the end of the programme, trainees will receive a certificate and a portfolio consisting of all the Mini Projects they have done to showcase their ability during job interviews in the future.

Trainees can learn WORQEX anywhere, at any time. WORQEX is an online self-paced programme which means that trainees can learn WORQEX in their own free time. Depending on the WORQEX program, trainees can complete WORQEX within 5 to 10 weeks if they just spend about 10 hours a week learning WORQEX.

Upon enrolment in this programme, you will be onboarded as an executive of a company assigned to a client to introduce a new product in Malaysia. From then on, you will undergo the journey as an executive responsible for planning, preparing, executing, and concluding the project via modules.

WORQEX is an online, self-paced learning programme. You can learn using materials provided in the forms of video, content, quizzes, and complete the Mini Projects at your pace.

The time stated is just the estimated learning time for WORQEX – Pro: Career Launchpad, including the time taken for you to complete the Mini Projects. However, you can learn at your own pace. So if you were to learn it faster, you would get it done quicker. Or, if you prefer to take your time to master the work tasks, you can always spend your time longer.

WORQEX is crafted by Jobtiviti using our 3-years experience building solutions for jobseekers, employers & trainers. More than ten (10) expert trainers who have more than ten (10) years experience in teaching skills and conducting the teaching. For more information on WORQEX trainers, please click here


 It is suitable for university students, fresh graduates, young executives who are struggling to get their tasks done right, or anyone who is looking for a career change as a white-collar executive. WORQEX is also for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to master key work tasks to build their businesses!

WORQEX Pro: Career Launchpad

WORQEX Pro: Career Launchpad is a comprehensive career development programme designed to equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their professional growth. It contains 17 different modules where you can learn popular work-tasks.

It includes 17 different modules that will guide you to do real work tasks through 60 different exercises. You can refer and follow the tutorial videos provided by trainers and do the exercises at your own time. You will also get 1 bonus module as a summary of the whole programme.

We offer quizzes and exercises to assess your understanding. Quizzes provide immediate feedback, allowing you to see your scores upon completion. With exercises, there’s no requirement to submit but you can do it as your own learning progress.

The programme is only RM99 where you will get all 17 different modules covering 60 real-task exercises for 1 year. You can learn the programme at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

Yes, you will receive a certificate certified by WORQEX once you complete all the modules.

Price & Refund

Right now, WORQEX is at cost RM99 only for WORQEX-Pro: Career Launchpad. By paying that, you get an access to learning content for 1 year and a certificate from Jobtiviti after you completed the program.

Our pricing information can be found here For further information, do drop us your mobile number @ email or drop us an email at

Currently, we do not provide any instalment plan.

At this moment,you can make your payment via credit card, debit card, GrabPay or FPX.

Jobtiviti does not offer refund.

Eligibility, Certificate, Portfolio & Accessibility

We advise you to refrain from sharing your WORQEX access with anyone as this can affect your certificate as you cannot edit your name after registration.

Yes, we do! After answering the quizzes, you can view the correct and incorrect answers.

Yes! However, WORQEX benefits you best if you follow the entire learning journey, including the quizzes!

Unfortunately, you cannot. But once you have paid for the course, you can always view all the videos and lessons that you have completed as many times as you want!

Of course, you can. You can go back to any videos that you have unlocked.

Yes, WORQEX is will be conducted fully in English to reflect the language nature of most white-collar jobs out there.

With Worqex, you will learn many soft skills such as presenting your idea, building your thought process, managing stakeholders, and many more!

Certificate Issues

We are sorry to hear that. There is no edit button for the name on the certificate. You have to ensure to fill up the correct full name during registration.

If the website is loading too long, you can try to refresh it. If that does not work, try to open WORQEX in incognito mode. If this does not solve your problem, please contact us via email 

This is because you may have some incomplete topics, videos or quizzes.. Go back to your learning page and make sure you have completed all your tasks.

Learning Process Issues

If you have the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at 

Sign Up & Log In Issues

The Jobtiviti app is currently on hold as we are focusing on WORQEX to ensure you will get the best experience to land your next job.

Worry not! Please ensure that you have registered on our WORQEX platform. If the issue persists, please email us at

If you have registered with WORQEX but still experiencing the same login problem, click on “Reset Password”. You will receive a link to your email afterwards. From there, you can reset your password.

General Information

Jobtiviti is a Malaysia-based technology start-up founded in November 2018. Jobtiviti built the first social jobseeking app to help jobseekers create better comprehensive job seeking profile to showcase to prospective employers. Via our employer solutions, employers can save their time, energy, and cost to match their requirements with jobseekers’ account. Responding to the challenges brought by COVID-19, Jobtiviti decided to introduce an online learning platform into our jobseeking ecosystem to connect training providers and jobseekers, as well as to assist jobseekers who interested at upskilling themselves.

Based on our experiences in bringing forward all these three solutions, Jobtiviti created WORQEX to help most jobseekers more effectively. For instance, jobseekers who struggled to get a job due to the lack of work experience, as well as companies struggling with employees who cannot properly finished their assigned tasks.

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