For best experience, we recommend that you use WORQEX on desktop or laptop computer.

About Us

At WORQEX, Each learner will undergo an experiential learning journey where they will…

…learn by doing…

60 white-collar work tasks with personalised reviews for trainees to improve their skills

…to master project-based tasks

anchored by simulated real-life project scenario covering all business functions

…through an online course…

learn anywhere & anytime with continuous learning support & engagements

Typical Online Course Versus WORQEX

Typical Online Course

  • Academic-Driven: I have listened to all the theories and relevant knowledge on Microsoft Powerpoint. 
  • You learnt A-to-Z: I  have listened to all the theory and relevant knowledge on Microsoft Excel and basic finance
    Exam-Based: Too much questions, too much learning, NOT enough doing. Working life is not like an exam.
  • Basic Review: Even if the course has projects, the review is basic. Most mini-projects will not get reviewed. How would you learn?
  • Lecture-sy: I learned about the concept of digital marketing and the various channels on how to do it

How is WORQEX different?

Task Experience

I have storyboarded, created, and presented a Pitch Deck based on a real-life work scenario

Real-Work Scenario

I have crafted a social media calendar and ran an ad campaign on FB based on a real-life scenario

Intentional Learning

After you complete the tasks, we will give you real-life applications of the tasks you just completed. Be ready to show them off at your next job.

Work Review

Just like how your superior will review your work, we review yours first. Most mini projects under WORQEX will be reviewed in person by us.