For best experience, we recommend that you use WORQEX on desktop or laptop computer.

About Us

At WORQEX, Each learner will undergo an experiential learning journey where they will…

…learn to complete tasks via project-based learning

Less theory, more projects. Learners will learn by creating –  documents, emails, presentations & many more

…to master the tasks required…

More than 10 hard skills (eg Microsoft Office) and 10 soft skills (eg Verbal communications)

…through self-paced online course.

Learn via online LMS at their own pace to accommodate their work or learning schedule

Typical Online Course Versus WORQEX

Typical Online Course

  • Academic-Driven: You learn theory and theory and theory. You are not sure if this theory is applicable to when you are working.
  • You learnt A-to-Z: A PowerPoint 101 course teaches you everything from how to colour your boxes to how to create that box. You have common-sense, no?
  • Exam-Based: Too much questions, too much learning, NOT enough doing. Working life is not like an exam.
  • Basic Review: Even if the course has projects, the review is basic. Most mini-projects will not get reviewed. How would you learn?
  • Lecture-sy:  Most online courses consist of the trainer spending hours lecturing you. Do you remember everything?

How is WORQEX different?

Task Experience

70% of our course guides you to actually do the tasks well. You don’t just need lectures; you need to be able to do the work tasks in your working life!

Real-Work Scenario

Our tasks and lessons are built on actual work scenario. Stop building an Excel for no purpose – learn to do a Bookkeeping template for a real life company.

Intentional Learning

After you complete the tasks, we will give you real-life applications of the tasks you just completed. Be ready to show them off at your next job.

Work Review

Just like how your superior will review your work, we review yours first. Most mini projects under WORQEX will be reviewed in person by us.